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You come to the city because your passion called you here. Whatever that passion may be. That thing you love. And you wander out into the streets searching for a place to pull up a stool, order a drink, chat with the bartender about all things divine.  Welcome to God On The Rocks. Serving up great drinks and soulful conversations since time began. 

Travelers Worthy of a Drink on the House

Claire Fullerton is an artist with experience in broadcasting, the music industry, ballet, the written word, and acting. She is the author of four traditionally published novels, a contributor to various anthologies and magazines, and is currently studying Shakespeare for the stage. 

Holden Richards is a traditional large format film photographer and native North Carolinian currently residing in Hillsborough. He is a Getty Images Contributor who has had his work featured print, including Jill Enfield's Guide to Photographic Alternative Processes, The Hand Magazine, and The Oxford American. His recent monograph Riverwalk is included in the archives of the University of North Carolina and Duke University.

Michael Shields is an editor, writer, producer, and arborist hailing from Brooklyn, New York. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Arts and Culture webzine Across The Margin and is the host of Across The Margin : The Podcast as well as one of the hosts of the film and television podcast Welcome To The Party Pal (both part of the Osiris Mediapodcast network). As an arborist he has worked in the field of Arboriculture in a variety of capacities for over 25 years.

River Jordan tends bar at God On 
The Rocks
where she revels in meeting travelers from around the world and listens as they share stories about the things they love.Travelers this month come seeking Shakespeare, doctoring Old Trees, showcasing Vintage Captures,  and diving deep with Jaws.

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