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The Legacy We Leave

These days. I am thinking of the word legacy. Of the weight of it and all it means. The way legacy colors all the days of our lives but is something that seems to remain hidden, stays tucked away, until we reach a certain age. Not many people at 18 are focused on what they will leave behind when all of life seems to be unspooling forward. When life seems infinite in mortal means. But time shifts perspective and when it does the things and people we have touched take on newfound meaning. And legacies - well - here’s the thing- if a novel, great piece of music, glorious paintings are known are discovered when we pass, are treasured for a hundred years, maybe two, perhaps a thousand, even these days will crumble and come to an end. I think it is not the things we leave behind carved in stone that will matter as much as we wish they would. It’s something else entirely. If all the Earth and all we are and all the universe is made up of energy in such a way some parts are hard to understand. Particles and sub-atomic-particles, atoms and neurons and quarks and it goes on and on- then the tiniest actions we take, the words we speak, the prayers we whisper. These are the things that last beyond us and anything we could create from matter that will decay. It is the way that we have lived our lives that will carry on, the acts of love and kindness we thought irrevelant that will be passed on and so remain.

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