For over fifteen years River Jordan has hosted Clearstory Radio on WRFN 107.1fm from Nashville. The show airs on Friday's at 1:00 Central and listeners can enjoy visits with debut, award-winning, and bestselling authors from all genres with an eclectic mix of song and storytelling. 

Now River brings her southern voice to the world of podcasts. Listeners have a variety of options for tuning in. 

Whether in the mood for a calming voice in the storm of today's headlines through Saints In Limbo, enjoying a laugh and a chat with co-host Mandy Haynes on Wish You Were Here: Stories of Love and Mayhem or enjoying the Clearstory Radio interviews on the Clearstory Podcast dedicated to writers and the craft of writing. 

Tune in to Clearstory Radio each week on WRFN 107.1 or 103.7 in Nashville. Streaming live at Radio Free Nashville.

Podcasts are available through Spotify, iTunes, and most podcast platforms in the galaxy.