Truth Be Told (excerpt)

The only mercy in it that I can grant to God is that it was quick. It is the only grace that keeps me on speaking terms with the Almighty. But I’ve told him on more than one solid occasion – Wrong choice you made there. You took the good and left the lying. I was no good, prone to trouble. I would be due a killing for what would come later. For the choices I would make.  But here I stand to this day. On solid earth. After so much time and years gone by. Truth could have walked on water.


In 1953 my twin sister, Truth was electrocuted while standing next to the clothesline. I remember a sudden bright flash, and her eyes looking at me as she was falling. I rushed to her and took her in my arms knowing the spirit of Truth was already gone. I brushed her hair back from her face, closed her eyes, and kissed her cheek goodbye. Her skin tasted like gun powder. 


Me and Truth rode into this world together, head to foot, sinner and saint. Me being first-  all fire and fury. Her second – silent and kind to the heart.


Heading 2

This collection is for the lionhearted lovers of great stories. They don't flinch or pull punches.They are mysterious and magnificent. They are unforgettable.  

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"River Jordan writers with the lyricism and grace of a gospel hymn, and the tales that weave through Sugar Baby ring like the chorus of a choir, rising and falling and then rising again, like all good sinners do." 

           Michael Farris Smith, author of Nick and Blackwood

"River Jordan writes to the bone, over and over. Take this book to bed, and expect to stay up late."

                 Clyde Edgerton, author, The Night Train

"Southern Gothic indeed. SPLENDID, Beautiful, haunting, and ultimately a family story that operates on tribal loyalty, devotion, acceptance - it's ALL there. Unique, suspenseful with an air of mystery."

                               Claire Fullerton, author, Little Tea

"River Jordan is a holy truth-teller who can make even the bad things in life seem as sweet as sugar. The stories in Sugar Baby and Other Stories are as real as life itself, but the language River uses to coat the pain is something from another world.Writer, storyteller, heart healer.

River Jordan is simply the best." 

                                    Wiley Cash, author, The Last Ballad