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Writing with River Jordan

You can count on this writing series to be richly inspiring for writers of all genres, entertaining and just what you need to get back to the page.  


This is a wonderful opportunity to study with River Jordan who has twenty years of experience writing fiction, creative non-fiction, and teaching nationwide on The Power of Story including such national writing events as

The Festival of Faith and Writing.

From Start to Finish

There are two things you have to do to finish any writing project be it a novel, memoir, creative non-fiction or a collection of poetry. You have to find a place to begin and then find a way to work your way to the end. It sounds easier than it is but there are some ways to fuel your passion for your page, balance your life, and help you design a beautiful close to the story. 


Landscaping Your Story

A fresh take on how to move the mood of your narrative with language, setting, character and desire. 

What Movies Get Right and You Can Too!

Dialogue can be one of the most difficult things to get right until you learn some of the tricks that playwrights and screenwriters have mastered. This class concentrates on ways you can bring your dialogue to life for any genre. 

Inviting Characters To Come Inside 

This class illustrates ways to bring characters to life on the page so readers feel they are sitting down at the kitchen table. Every genre must integrate people on the page and have them feel three dimensional, as if at any moment they could step off the page and sit down at the table. Be they the lead character or the bad guy in a mystery every character needs to hold space. 

When Passion Hits the Page 

Do you feel your story calls for a scene of intimacy that you fear will read like it came from a brown paper bag? This class looks at some of the elements of writing intimate scenes that will read poorly and misrepresent your characters and ways to write through them.  


Creating Chemistry 

The relationship of characters in the story is crucial to bringing the story to life. This class examines way to bring characters into relationship with each other whether it’s for a page or an entire novel.


Showing What’s Unseen 

In writing stories it's often showing what is just off the page that counts the most. It takes a light hand, a few tricks of the trade, and a little practice but it’s so fine when you get it just right. 

Hitting the Sweet Spot 

How do you really know when you got it right? This class focuses on finding the right combination of voice, character, setting, storyline, and language. Oh, the beautiful magic when it all comes together! 


Where to Begin After you Type: THE END 

Real talk on getting the right first readers, knowing when to rewrite, and how to trust your story. 

The Road to Getting Published 

It can feel like a maze of options out there but there are some tricks to discovering what path to publishing is right for you. Discussion on agents, major publishers, self-publishing and publicity. 


Saturday Writing Workshop Sessions

All Classes are Offered via Secure Zoom. You can choose the option to attend with your cameras on or off.  There is also the option of dialing in via phone. 



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