"A Warm and Glorious Book for Our Time."                                                      Ann Patchett

For those who have ever felt a call to pilgrimage. To ramble this old Earth wild and free in a mystical place that ignites the soul and wakes the imagination. A place that whispers ancient stories as you walk by the sea and among the stone ruins. Where strangers  become fast friends as they join the search for a thin place closer to Heaven - I wrote this book for you. 


Join me on this journey to discover  - 

The Ancient Way. 




 "River Jordan is like Thomas Merton, Patti Smith, and Anne Lamott all rolled up into one compassionate, timely, and bracingly honest gift." Silas House, author, Southernmost

"River Jordan is the South's Anne Lamont." Joy Jordan-Lake, author, A Tangled Mercy

"This author writes with a hard bitten confidence comparable to Ernest Hemingway. And yet, in the Souther tradition of William Faulkner, she can knit together sentences that can take your breath." Florida Today

"An inspiring tale of light versus darkness in a small Southern town conjures up the traditions of Flannery O’Connor, Harper Lee, and Peter Straub." The Tampa Tribune