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River Jordan is an author, speaker, teacher and radio host. As a southerner with a global perspective she is a passionate advocate for the power of story.

River's writing career began as a playwright and she spent over ten years writing and directing. She is the best-selling author of four novels and a three spiritual memoirs.  As a critically-acclaimed author her work has been most frequently cast in the company of such writers as Flannery O'Conner, William Faulkner, and Harper Lee.

Ms. Jordan lives on a hill just beyond Nashville city limits surrounded by her wild, southern family. When not on the road you'll find her on her porch at night watching the moon move through the star-filled sky and contemplating all manner of things human and divine.


The Ancient Way, Discoveries On the Path of Celtic Christianity is her most recent book written about her pilgrimage to the Isle of Iona in Scotland. 

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Home: About

"This is storytelling of the highest order, plucking up the reader and transporting us to a world of mystery, spirituality, violence, love, and everything in between.  

Sugar Baby is like River Jordan herself: thrilling, tender, tough, and shot through with light."

Silas House, author, Southernmost

"River Jordan writes with the lyricism and grace of a gospel hymn, and the tales that weave through Sugar Baby ring like the chorus of a choir, rising and falling and then rising again, like all good sinners do." 

                        Michael Farris Smith, author of Nick and Blackwood

"River Jordan writes to the bone, over and over. Take this book to bed, and expect to stay up late."

         Clyde Edgerton, author, The Night Train, Killer Diller

"Southern Gothic indeed. SPLENDID, Beautiful, haunting, and ultimately a family story that operates on tribal loyalty, devotion, acceptance - it's ALL there. Unique, suspenseful with an air of mystery."

                                          Claire Fullerton, author, Little Tea

"River Jordan is a holy truth-teller who can make even the bad things in life seem as sweet as sugar. The stories in

Sugar Baby and Other Stories are as real as life itself, but the language River uses to coat the pain is something from another world. Writer, storyteller, heart healer.

River Jordan is simply the best." 

                                      Wiley Cash, author, The Last Ballad 

“River Jordan is the torchbearer for Southern Gothic literature. Her sublime writing conjures up vivid characters of the rural South, their hardscrabble landscape and the determination to persevere. Sugar Baby is a beautiful collection of short stories that will linger in the imagination long after the last page has been turned.”
Michael Morris, author, Man in the Blue Moon




"Conjures up the traditions of Flannery O'Connor; Harper Lee, and Peter Straub." Tampa Tribune


"River Jordan has anchored the future to the past, the living to the dead, and all that is lost to that which remains." Ann Patchett, author, The Dutch House

"I've finally found the author I've been searching for." Florida Today 

"A Southern Gothic masterpiece." Paste Magazine

"A delight in Jordan's deft hands. A beautifully written, atmospheric tale." Kirkus Reviews

"River Jordan is the South's Anne Lamont." Joy Jordan Lake, author, Under A Gilded Moon 

"A Triumph of beauty." Patty Callahan Henry, author, Becoming Mrs. Lewis



"Not all those who wander are lost."

J. R. R. Tolkien

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River Jordan

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