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A Truth Worth Bearing

These days. A simple image comes to mind. Two lines that intersect. The image lingers for hours, days. Lasts longer than I wish. Says everything at once, contains a truth worth bearing. An intersection of two lines, two lives, two thoughts, two worlds. People who believe in opposites, ideas far flung from one another. Like strangers at a crosswalk who lock eyes. There should be a name for this space. Something that originates in Latin or maybe, ancient Greek. A word that imparts upon the speaking of it a deeper wisdom than currenly prevails. One that sanctifies the space where in spite of all there is a breath of common ground. It is in this place I would set a table, invite all to sit, and whisper that one word in hopeful supplication, as if it could unravel some deep mystery that brings a balm to heal beyond our understanding. Oh, how I hunger for this word.

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