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Laughter by Divine Design

These days. There are some things that have never been more precious. I woke up this morning thinking of my mother and her wicked sense of humor. There are so many things that she would get a kick out of. Something strange or just off center. A wry observation. She could make the most simple things funny in a dry-witted super smart way. Could drop a funny line more deadpan than anyone I've ever met. Maybe I woke up thinking a little laughter would be good medicine. Help the bad news of the day - any day - go down. Not change the facts just change the ability to stomach some things for another 24 hours, a week, this life. When I was just shy of knee high to a grasshopper I used to cuddle up with the television as my companion and that early influence still shows in where my comfort zone lies. I watched The Three Stooges all by my little lonesome and never felt alone. Remember laughing as a toddler at them and the time they were stuck in some big, scary house and a bird got under a sheet and started flying around while they were all in bed trying to sleep. Then when I was with cousin Deb we laughed for no reason at. all. Got a case of the giggles and were off. Her brothers called us giggleboxes and she still has that same effect on me. Makes me laugh until I cry and cannot breathe. And my friends from 7th grade and highschool - Virginia and Sue and Laurie - and a lot of what we laugh about are those days in high school. Days gone by. And I am the world's worst at sending Instagram reels I think are funny to anyone because see, I do believe in the medicinal reports that laughter heals. I remember the first time I laughed telling a story about my Daddy after he'd passed away. I paused and realized I was healing. Finally. After a horrid divorce (but aren't they all?) I guess I hadn't laughed for a long time. Eventually, after a season, I as watching The Big Bang Theory one night and started cracking up. Big Dog Titan hadn't heard me laugh in so long he was disturbed. Thought maybe, I was in pain. Got up to come check on me and I'm saying it's okay boy, I'm just laughing. And then I realized that the sound of my own laughter was absolute music to my ears. Much, much needed music. Lately, I have Become accutely aware of this strange power of laughter to heal. Of how it is contagious. Truly, contagious. Surely, this is by magnificent, holy and divine, design.


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